Mesarmi | About
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Our inspiration for this meaningful name (Mesa+armi in Cretan dialect) was a vine plot owned by my great grand father and now my father. Mesarmi means the half distance to the top of a mountain. Mesarmi tasting Crete is a tasting room dedicated to the three main Cretan products, the wine, the olive oil and the cheese. It is important for us to transmit the knowledge and strengthen the mechanism which connects the five senses, in other words to help to the creation of demanding consumers and conscious producers.
For Mesarmi it is of high importance to show the differentiation of local products, depending on where and how they were produced. The tasting room is situated in a small cozy place, in the rural countryside of Heraklion prefecture, more specifically in the village Choudetsi. At our Mesarmi you have the opportunity to enjoy a tasting of local products and buy those which had surprised your senses.

Mesarmi tasting Crete organizes wine seminars and tastings dedicated mostly to Cretan wines and less to Greek wines.
Our goal is to show the treasures of our island to the locals and visitors.
In every tasting we are focusing on the achievement of three concepts:  knowledge, communication and enjoyment.
It is of a great meaning, our visitors to leave from Mesarmi with a big smile of satisfaction, having enriched their knowledge in wine and  met other people.