Mesarmi | About us
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The inspiration for this meaningful name, Mesarmi (Mesa+armi in the Cretan dialect), derives from a vine plot owned by my great grandfather and now by my father. Mesarmi signifies the halfway distance to the top of a mountain. I established the tasting room in 2014, following my studies at the Agricultural University of Athens (Food Science & Technology) and the University of Bordeaux (Oenology), along with work travels in various wine-growing regions around the world. In 2013, I returned to the place where it all began: Crete.
MESARMI tasting Crete focuses on wine and olive oil tastings of local products made from indigenous varieties. Emphasis is placed on the taste and aroma profile of the products. Different regions and producers are selected in order to emphasize the concept of uniqueness and special ‘terroir’.

The advantage of the services we offer is the possibility of tailor-made tastings. This space accommodates up to 14 people and is ideal for small-scale tastings. Access to MESARMI tasting Crete is very easy as it is located adjacent to the main road.

Not only will the guests of MESARMI tasting Crete find a new awareness of wine; It is more certain that this tasting will open up a new appreciation for the taste of wine and its magic.
Enjoy this unique tasting experience with us and get the products that have stolen your heart.

Stella Vasilaki